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I am nervous as hell about this election. 

I keep saying to myself that I hope people vote, that I hope they choose the candidate that they feel is right, but my idea of right is different from the person next door and across the country.  

Someone, please, tell me that I have no reason to be nervous about tomorrow.  Because I'm about to throw up thinking about it.


Ok, so today I got to sleep in because if I worked my usual 9 hour shift at the office, I'd be in overtime by 5.5 hours, and customer service really has no reason for overtime.  So I'm going in at 12-12:30ish. 

I woke up initially at 5:45 on my own this morning (guess my body is used to it), got Anthony up for his job, then went back to sleep.  Woke up again at 8:40 and said fuck it.  I've got stuff I need to do today.

In typical American fashion, I started to read at least the first page of the newspaper this morning in the bathroom.  Lemme tell ya, BAD FRICKIN' IDEA.  Nothin' worse then getting pissed off at state leg while on the crapper....but I digress and that's getting a little gross.

THE HOUSE PASSED THE TAX INCREASE BILL!!!!!!!! No, I'm not excited about this...I'm fuckin' pissed off.  It's going to increase taxes on cigs (which I'm ok with), gasoline and other services: air charter, armored car, security, commercial janitorial and commercial linen, excluding hospitals and retirement homes.  I don't know about you, but when I woke up this morning, my first thought was "Man, I hope Hans is still outside my door protecting me, and I wonder if, on the way with my clothes to the dry cleaners, he booked me that private flight I asked for; I can't wait to drive all the way to the airport in that new spiffy armored car that I'm currently leasing."

Gas tax is already scheduled for a 1.5 cent increase - big deal, right?  Yes, it is.  They haven't done the annual increase on gas tax yet and this bill has to go through another revision in the senate before it gets passed.  So, for all I know, it'll increase again.

It's frustrating because the majority of the people affected (or is it effected?) by the tax increase are people that at "middle class" (if anyone can argue that there's a middle class still) and lower class/lower income families.

I did notice in my job interview yesterday that minimum wage will increase to $5.85 in July this year.  Next July $7.25.  Wow, I made $7.25 an hour during the two summers I worked as summer help with the maintenance department.  By the time minimum wage increases to that, all other prices from businesses will have gone up to cover the increase for their employees, so the economy will pretty much be as it is right now.


Fuckin' Republicans and their trickle down Reganomics.  
And I blame it on them because I'd like to fool myself into thinking that my party (the Democratic party) is still a party of the people.

Ah, hell, who am I kidding.  Fuck politicians.  From my view point (and my financial aid view point of next year), I just feel like they're really just fuckin' around up there.

These tax increases are taking effect to help supplement the budget cut for higher education and state medical that Beshear was going to implement (which I find somewhat ironic consider Mongiardo (Lt. Gov.) is a doctor.).

I don't have the state budget in front of me, but instead of cutting badly needed services, they should look through every damn thing given on the budget and determine if they really really need that much money in certain areas - maybe I'm hoping that we can get a politician in there like "Dave" who could call in his friend, the CPA, and start budget cutting like no tomorrow.

I hate being pissed off and still optimistic.  

Oh, and the reason why I am interviewing for another part time job is because, even though I make $10.50 an hour at my current job, by the time I pay all my bills (including tuition), it comes down to: "HMMM, should I put gas in my car or should I go grocery shopping"

So, little pity party right here: I work 38-40 hours a week at Tier, carrying a 12 hour load (not much, but hey), and now i'm going to be adding 20-30 hours for another job onto my schedule.  

Been nice seein' you all.  Hopefully I can make the final rounds of visits before I disappear off the face of the planet.  

Oh, and if you live more than a 3 mile walking distance from me...well, forget seeing me.  I love you all, but gas is just too damned expensive.  We can bring back the letter.  Although it would be an extra 41 cents for each one I send out and that might be out of my budget, too.

Can you all settle for emails with retarded emoticons listed to convey my feelings since sometimes my sarcasm sounds serious?

I'm Chelsea Oliver and I approve this message

- By the way, I'll still see people.  I'm just in a really bad mood and that sarcastic bought seems to have made me feel somewhat better.

Feb. 21st, 2008

 I have something slightly strange and disturbing to report....

My life is good and I'm happy with, like, everything and everyone. 


Public Service Announcement

If ya'll really love me and want to get me an awesome Christmas present, you'll go to Austin City tonight to see George Molton and Fifth on the Floor perform.  Tonight is their album release show, cd is $10.  Think of it as a Christmas present you can buy for me, but only, you get to keep it.

Please?????????????  These guys are a kick ass local band and they know how to give a good show and party it up!
Global Warming Teach-in w/ Rising Tide North America
Wed, April 11, 5pm
Room 211 UK Student Center

Rising Tide is a group of activists committed to
raising awareness and working towards local,
grassroots actions and organizing related to global
climate change. They are stopping here during their
spring climate action tour of the U.S.

Rising Tide will bring the global struggle for climate
justice to the belly of the beast, connecting the dots
between the overarching crisis of climate change and
the grassroots struggles of communities resisting the
fossil fuel industry’s assault on their land and culture

Everyone should, like, go, ya know?

Apr. 2nd, 2007

GATORS WIN BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  SEC STILL ON TOP!!!!!!!!!!!


Jesse Lee “J.L.” Beasley of Reed, Kentucky was born February 5, 1915 died February 17, 2007 at home.


J.L. graduated from Spottsville High School in 1932 and farmed in the Scuffletown River Bottoms from 1935 until his death. He served on the Henderson County Board of Education for 16 years and was board chairman when Henderson County High School was consolidated in 1954. He was a founding board member in 1960 of Northwest Center (Henderson Community College); past President of Henderson County Farm Bureau, Chairman of Henderson County Riverport Authority, past President of the Henderson County Lions Club, member of Stanley Masonic Lodge 878, a Kentucky Colonel and a member of Baskett Christian Church.


J.L. was preceded in death by his wife, Lucille Tackett Beasley, his parents William A. and Susie Ann Beasley, one sister Cornelia Hollis, four brothers, Otto, Walter, Edgar and Ambrose Beasley, son Larry Jay Beasley and two sons-in-law, James P. Fulton and Mark Roll Williams.


He is survived by three daughters, Cherie Fulton of Henderson, Sue Williams of Baskett and Shannon Tolbert (Jerry) of Reed, a son Bill Beasley (Charlene) of Paducah, and his companion of 16 years, Hazel Sellers; a sister, Emma Cravens of Spottsville, three brothers, Emmett Beasley (Bessie Sue), Carl Beasley of Reed and James Beasley of Wakefield, Virginia.


He is survived by 10 grandchildren; Teresa Porter (Gus) of Reed, Glynnis Rogero (Rick) of Fort Myers, Florida, Michael Fulton (Susie) of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Morgan Fulton (Terry) of Henderson, Susie Stovall (Chris) of Atlanta, Georgia, Lee Ann Williams Oliver and Stan Williams (Tracey) both of Baskett, Kim Portman of Atlanta, Georgia, Sheryl Edge (Jeremy) and Carmen Jagoe (Scott) both of Owensboro.


He is also survived by 19 great-grandchildren, 2 great-great-grandchildren.


Pallbearers are Michael Fulton, Stan Williams, Morgan Fulton, Chris Stovall, Scott Jagoe, and Jeremy Edge.  Honorary Pallbearers: Jim Buley, Lloyd Agnew, Henry O’Bryan, Gus Porter, Rick Rogero, Isham Sellers, Hugh Walt Sellers and David Sellers.

I'll be back in Baskett until Wednesday.  Just an update.

So, this is my new journal. My old one was transygirl85 but I won't use it anymore unless I want to make a private entry.

Feel free to add me ^_^

By the way, this journal operates on a friend's only basis so comment to be added.



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